Aktualisiert 02. April 2013

Bild: TraxGate Drehkreuz mit integriertem TerminalDrehkreuz mit integriertem Terminal Bedienfeld

Advanced functions and security at the highest standards.

Modern, stylish, compact design, advanced functions and security at the highest standards, are the main features of the new TRAXGate that makes it the ideal choice where a perfect mix of elegance and technology is required. TraxGate features an advanced access control and time & attendance terminal with high resolution touch screen display and two integrated RF readers, delivering a complete all-in-one system.

TRAXGate is the first component of the new line of gates that make AXESS TMC the perfect partner for all your building automation needs.

TRAXGate is compatible with all AXESS TMC terminals and can be integrated into XAtl@s, our complete access control solution.

AXESS TMC TRAXGate turnstile features an impressive 7 inches high resolution graphic display with a touch screen user interface defining a new concept of turnstiles.
• Two integrated proximity readers, precision clock with NTP, configurable softkeyboards and a high speed Ethernet makes TRAXGate a future proof turnstile.
• Thanks to the integrated terminal, TRAXGate can perform standalone or online checks before unlocking the gate.
• Anti-passback function does not allow multiple passages or reuse of the same card.
• Anti-panic function allows to unlock the gate in case of emergency.
All these are only some of the many advanced features of this new Italian designed gate, that integrates the well known quality of AXESS TMC access control devices, in a stylish and solid turnstile.

TRAXGate turnstile is the ideal solution in order to control access and to limit the passage of one person at a time. Pleasing to the eye, elegant and robust, it is ideal for installations in banks, offices, recreational and public places. Variety of operational configurations allows its adaptability into diverse situations.


Technical specifications


Configurable softkeyboards (numeric or alphanumeric) can be shown

7 inches TFT graphic LCD display 800x480 pixels
Communication Ports    

10/100 TCP/IP interface, USB host ports, NTP, Telnet, FTP, Webserver
Power Supply    

Power 110-225VAC, 50-60 Hz, 100 Watt
Control Signal 12VDC
Physical Characteristics    

Available in 2 versions: Painted sheet metal RAL7032· Polished Stainless Steel 304 (net weight 32Kg)

Antirust painting

3 arms in polished stainless steel. Damped rotation on motorized version. Very soft rotation on standard version
Audio & Video     

1 Led on each RF reader to indicate granted access
Speaker for sounds, music and voice (MP3 and WAV compatible)
Operating System/Other Services    

•  Push button release
•  Emergency push button
•  Control Panel
•  Slot Card Reader (magnetic or barcode)
•  Fence Barrier
•  Visitor Card collector
•  Counter

Operation options: unidirectional or biderectional
•  Rotation, no dropping arm
•  Rotation, with dropping arm
•  Motorized, no dropping arm
•  Motorized with dropping arm
Case of power failure:
•  Free rotation in both directions
•  Free passage (antipanic system / dropping arms version)

Operational mode: online e offline


Non-volatile flash memory with data retention of collected data (64MB)